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Who We Are

We pioneer excellence in Hormones and Steroids

In a world where health is paramount, Nepal Remedies Ltd. is Nepal's first pharmaceutical company with a dedicated unit for hormone and steroids. With the conviction that cure along with care prevails, the company has launched its product lines across hormonal and generic drugs all over the country with tablets and capsules in separate.






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Why Us

We Lead the Future of Hormonal Solutions

Nepal's first steroid and hormone based company with GMP approval.

It has strong foothold in hormones thereby providing comprehensive solution by Offering Progymed SR 200 containing natural micronized progesterone

HVAC with bag in bag out and DX system


Choosing Nepal Remedies for hormonal and steroid needs was a decision I don't regret. Their products are not only effective but also backed by rigorous standards. The HVAC systems ensure the integrity of the medications. Thank you, Nepal Remedies, for setting a new standard in healthcare


Ram Gurung

I appreciate Nepal Remedies for being a beacon of innovation in the pharmaceutical landscape of Nepal. Progymed SR 200 has provided me with a holistic solution, and their emphasis on quality, from GMP approval to advanced HVAC systems, reassures me of their dedication to patient-centric care


Shraddha Sharma

As a healthcare professional, I rely on the quality and reliability of pharmaceutical companies. Nepal Remedies has exceeded my expectations with their GMP-approved products. Their hormone-based solutions, especially Progymed SR 200, showcase a commitment to advancing patient care


Ashisma Chaudhary



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